VLC media player

VLC media player 0.8.5

Simple media player, versatile and free

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VLC media player


VLC media player 0.8.5

User reviews about VLC media player

  • princeonochieappertey

    by princeonochieappertey

    "simple in using it any time "

    very good at all times when you need it to play videos on your computer..   More.

  • Philip Laurence Martinez

    by Philip Laurence Martinez

    "VLC is a great meadia player and easy to watch and change his language."

    great and easy.That media player what im looking for my movies..   More.

  • "...."

    The pocket pc version of the popular media player VLC Media Player.   More.

  • "...."

    The pocket version of the popular media app VLC Media Player..   More.